Public Sector Works

MSKAT Civil Works undertakes the execution of public projects and is registered since 2008 in the Registry of Greek Contractors (M.E.EP.) in the Ministry of Environment, Landscaping and Public Works, currently in the 3rd class for categories of projects (Infrastructure/Roadworks, Buildings, Hydraulic Works), 2nd class for categories of projects (Marine Works, Electromechanical Works, Industrial/Energy Works,) and in the 1st class for Landscape Works.


  • Sidewalks reconstruction of Tripoli’s Municipal Community – Municipality of Tripoli – 2020
  • Sidewalks Upgrades and Access Improvements in Chora and Skala Patmou – Municipality ofPatmos – 2020
  • Sidewalks reconstruction – Municipality of Alimos – 2020
  • Municipal Road Network of Agios Minas region in the city of Lefkada – Municipality of Lefkada – 2019
  • Regeneration and rehabilitation of Agios Minas Square – Municipality of Lefkada – 2019
  • Sidewalks reconstruction – Municipality of Filothei/Psychico – 2019
  • Regeneration of retail and commercial center – Municipality of Iraklion – 2018
  • Regeneration and rehabilitation of Ilia Iliou Square – Municipality of Dafni/Imittos – 2017
  • Regeneration and rehabilitation of Faneromeni Square and its greater area – Municipality of Papagou/Cholargos – 2017
  • Maintenance and renovation of the municipal Athletic Premises – Municipality of Chalandri – 2016
  • Renovation and reconstruction of the municipal playgrounds as per the new standards and regulations – Municipality of Agios Demetrios – 2015