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MSKAT Civil Works

MSKAT Civil Works was founded in 2008 by Civil Engineers V. Mardas, N, Synodinos & I. Katostaras
aiming to offer full technical support for the design and execution of technical projects in the fields of
building and industrial works, infrastructure, marine works, and energy projects.

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Always next to you

MSKAT Civil Works is beside the Client at every stage of the project, credibly offering services of high standards

Private Sector Works

MSKAT Civil Works may offer the following services, as far as works of the private sector are concerned:
Construction & Project Management
Project Supervision
Construction of the whole project acting as the Main Contractor
Construction or parts of the Project acting as a Subcontractor
It is noted that all activities are in line with the applicable HSE regulations, while we remain committed
to the highest standards of quality, as set by the Greek and International Standards, Codes &

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Public Sector Works

MSKAT Civil Works undertakes the execution of public projects and is registered since 2008 in the Registry of Greek Contractors (M.E.EP.) in the Ministry of Environment, Landscaping and Public Works, currently in the 3rd class for categories of projects (Infrastructure/Roadworks, Buildings, Hydraulic Works), 2nd class for categories of projects (Marine Works, Electromechanical Works, Industrial/Energy Works,) and in the 1st class for Landscape Works.

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